Travel & Tourism Week

May 3rd-9th, 2020

2019 marked the 36th anniversary of Travel & Tourism Week, a salute to travel in America, and we celebrated with a theme of "Travel Matters." You may pass The Merrill Hotel & Conference Center every day and not even think about how it supports our community. But The Merrill Hotel & Conference Center and Visit Muscatine along with corporations like The Hon Company and Kent Corporation, and attractions such as the National Pearl Button Museum and Muscatine Arts Center are the backbone of Muscatine, IA. These places define our community, provide our families with jobs, and have provided a lifetime of memories for thousands of visitors.

Travel matters, and it improves Muscatine, IA in ways that have a wide-reaching impact on local residents and visitors alike. Travel has the power to strengthen families, foster hometown pride, and build bridges that connect us with one another. This is vitally important now more than ever, so we celebrated in 2019 with a Travel Matters Contest.

Stay tuned here to find out how we plan to celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week in 2020!

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