Maxwell's On The River

Pays Homage to Muscatine History


Maxwell's On The River restaurant’s name is a tribute to Maxwell Stanley, manager, childhood Scoutmaster and Sunday School teacher to Stanley Merrill Howe.

Stanley Howe began working at Hon Industries under the management of Maxwell Stanley in 1948 and for 36 years they worked together while developing a close bond. Howe looked up to Stanley and considered him to be one of the pivotal role models in his life and career. Working his way up the corporate ladder, Howe eventually took over as Chairman and CEO upon Stanley’s passing in 1984. 

Their friendship was one of respect and admiration. Under Stanley’s management and guidance, Howe flourished and went on to become one of the most prominent and respected members of the Muscatine, IA community to date. Howe and his wife, Helen, were incredibly selfless. They cared deeply for their community and for others, as did Stanley. It is with great pride that we chose to call our restaurant inside The Merrill Hotel & Conference Center, Maxwell’s, as a tribute to the late and great Maxwell Stanley.

We are Muscatine and Muscatine is The Merrill. We hope to capture the stories of this Iowa town through everything from the Boy Scouts to Mark Twain sunsets. For those seeking a genuine experience, The Merrill shares our heritage and culture.




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