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Marriott Cancellation Policy + Commitment to Cleanliness

Dear Friends & Family,

At The Merrill Hotel and Conference Center, we feel a great sense of responsibility for the role we play in the lives of our guests and our community. If anything, it’s even more important to us during a difficult time like this, when we are all being more cautious about how we engage with the world amidst a major public health concern.

We’re writing to assure you that we have become even more vigilant in practicing strong hygiene and sanitation protocols. We carefully follow allWHO, CDC and State of Iowa safety standards and recommendations during these extraordinary times. We have added additional cleaning protocols above and beyond what is normally necessary to maintain safe sleeping, dining and working environments. Our public spaces are wiped down hourly. Staff are instructed to stay home if they have symptoms even suggesting this virus and we’re taking temperatures of those on duty each day. These steps help protect everyone.
Our commitment to hospitality does not waver. We are doing everything we can to safely provide service to our guests. While it may not be for the identical type of room you have reserved, if you wish, we can provide you with a bedroom which has been unoccupied for as many as three days prior to your arrival(subject to availability). Just ask our Front Desk staff to facilitate this for you.As a proud Marriott brand, we also offer you the ability to check-in and go straight to your room using Mobile Key. This feature is available free of charge to all members of Bonvoy, Marriott’s loyalty program. We’re happy to assist you with this, as well.
Like you, we are constantly evaluating our daily routines. We’re working on ways to adapt our service to maximize the safety of person-to-person contact without sacrificing attention. Of course, pick-up and delivery directly from the kitchen of Chef Tess is available to our guests in-house. We also understand our neighbors are eating at home, so please consider our take-out and delivery options for you, as well.You can simply call us, pull up to our front doors, and we’ll bring your great Maxwell’s meal to you.
What’s most important to us is that we balance safety and service, that we remain good citizens of our communities by keeping ourselves responsibly informed, taking appropriate action, and continuing to be here when you need us. These unusual circumstances require our continuous attention, and we pledge to fulfill our responsibilities.
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Marriott Cancellation Policy + Commitment to Cleanliness